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24.12.2011 Merry Christmas!

18.12.2011 Vilnus (Lithuania) - International Dog Show

Judge: Dagmar Klein (RO)
New Star Forussi "Justin" champion class - exellent , CAC, Res. CACIB


Mł. CH PL, LT.  All Our Love Elnaja "Alex" ( owner Asia Brzegowa ) Junior class - exellent, J.CAC  BEST JUNIOR


17.12.2011 Vilnus (Lithuania) - International Dog Show

judge: A Ivanov (RUS)
New Star Forussi "Justin" champion class - exellent , CAC, CACIB


Alice in Wonderland "Lisa" Intermediate class - exellent , CAC


23.10.2011 Poznań - International Dog Show - Polish Winner

Judge Yana Gavrilova ( RUS )
ALICE IN WONDERLAND ELNAJA - Junior class - exellent, place  2/6

22.10.2011 Poznań - International Dog Show

Judge Elżbieta Junikiewicz ( PL )
NEW STAR FORUSSI - Champion class - exellent , CWC , BOS CACIB.
I want to thank JUSTIN's breeder Katarzynie Forusińskiej for huge help and for great showing our dog.


06.10.2011 Welcome to our new website. Enjoy!

10.07.2011 Paris (France) - World Dog Show

New Star Forussi - excellent.

03.07.2011 Silute (Lithuania) - National Dog Shows (2 x CAC)

1 x CAC - judge: Joanna Szczepanska Korpetta
2 x CAC - 1 x CAC
Uddevalla Nesjana - excellent - CAC, BOS, completed Champion of Lithuania.
New Star Forussi - excellent, CAC, BOS, BOB, Champion of Lithuania started.
All Our Love - excellent, CAC, BOS, BOB, Junior Champion of Lithuania started (owner: Asia Brzegowa).
2 x CAC
Uddevalla Nesjana - excellent, CAC, BOS, BOB, II Best of Group.
New Star Forussi - excellent, CAC, BOS.
All Our Love (owner: Asia Brzegowa) - excellent, CAJC.

05.06.2011 Cluj Napoca (Romania) - International Dog Shows and National Dog Show

2 x CACIB, 1 x CAC

New Star Forussi - CAC - excellent, CAC, BOB, II Best of Group.
2 x CACIB - excellent, Champion of Romania.

22.05.2011 Radom (Poland) - National Dog Show

Judge: Marzena Kaca-Bibrich
New Star Forussi - Intermediate Class, excellent, place 1, CWC, BOS, Polish Championship started.

30.04.2011 Montenegro, BOW - International Dog Shows and National Dog Shows

A long weekend in May decided to join the marathon exhibition, where our dogs received:
New Star Forussi - Junior Champion of Montenegro, Junior Champion of Moldova, Junior Champion of Macedonia,
Junior Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Junior Championship, 5 x BOB Junior.
Uddevalla Nesjana - Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Moldova, Champion of Macedonia,
Champion of Bulgaria, Balkan Champion.

17.04.2011 Inowrocław (Poland) - National Dog Show

Alice in Wonderland - Very Promising, place 1/2, Best Puppy, IV BIS Puppy.

16.04.2011 Grudziądz (Poland) - National Dog Show

Here are presented the puppies from our kennel: Alice in Wonderland - Very Promising, place 1/2, Best Puppy,
Moreover, our little was in the final six beautiful puppies exhibitions.
All Our Love (owner: Asia Brzegowa) - Very Promising.

20.03.2011 Vilnus (Lithuania) - International Dog Show

Judge: Laurent Heineshe
New Star Forussi - junior class, excellent, place 1/3.
Uddevalla Nesjana - place 1/2, CACIB.

20.02.2011 Rzeszów (Poland) - International Dog Show

Judge: Galina Zhuk
This exhibition started her show career of our small Alice in Wonderland Elnaja, where he won:
Place 1/2., Very Promising, Best Puppy.
Her mother Uddevalla obtained: excellent, place 1, CWC, res. CACIB.


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19.02.2011 Presov/Kosice (Slovakia) - International Dog Show

Judge: Boris Spoljowić
The weekend was very successful. New Star Forussi - place 1., excellent, CAJC, Junior East Winner 2011,
finished Junior Champion of Slovakia.
Uddevalla Nesjana - place 1, excellent, CAC, CACIB, East Winner 2011, International Champion finished.

12.02.2011 Bydgoszcz (Poland) - National Valentine Dog Show

Judge: Anna Rogowska
On this show we showed our the young Maltese New Star Forussi, who at the age of just 12 months
finished Polish Junior Champion title.


In the ring for the first time presented a dog from our kennel
All Our Love - Alex - (Mash Snowdrop of Hill of Blueberry - Uddevalla Nesjana) with outstanding results:
Very Promising, place 1.
Congratulations to owner Joanna Brzegowa.


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